As you can see throughout our website we do not just allow you to buy SoundCloud plays, we show you ways of how to get SoundCloud plays effectively on your own. Our intention is to get you as an artist where you want and need to be to compete against the well known stars of today. When using our services you will be receiving all kinds of information that you can put into action in your own time. We supply 24 / 7 customer service which allows you to make full use of our knowledge. We are also available by email and by phone so if you ever need an immediate response we are here.


When you make the choice to purchase SoundCloud plays you are making the choice to promote your talent on a higher scale. It is not easy to be seen and heard within the music industry but when using our services and connections it makes life easier for yourself. We only supply real SoundCloud plays which will boost your image and credibility apposed to you making the choice to use a supplier who will only provide you bot generated plays that will either ban your account or fall off after a few days. Be smart and make sure you are marketing your tracks on all social media networks. There are many places that you can upload music for free on such as YouTube, Datpiff and Reverbnation.


Making sure you always look to increase SoundCloud plays is key to your success. You must make your tracks unique which gets people talking. We as a company promote your tracks to people that are interested in your style of music. There is a big chance that people will share your tracks across their social networks which is again what you need to be looking to gain. We work with well known artists as well as up and coming artists which gives us the credibility for you to try us out. We do offer you the chance to test our service meaning you can get free SoundCloud plays. This not only provides proof that we are ready to put our money where our mouth is but it allows you to test our speed and customer service.


SoundCloud without a doubt is the place to be uploading your tracks. It allows people from the outside in to check your tracks out and leave a comment. SoundCloud also allows people to follow you, like your tracks and even go as far as downloading them. You must be always looking to gain SoundCloud plays if your account is ever going to be seen as the one to listen to then you need to be increasing the amount of plays you have on not one but all of your tracks. We allow you to split the plays over a number of your tracks which then provides you with a healthy account apposed to having a lot of plays on one track but very few on others.


We offer low cost SoundCloud plays to our clients for more than one reason. One of them being that we are the sole provider for SoundCloud plays, likes, comments, followers and downloads. The other being that we are looking for your long term business and for you to tell your friends and family about what we could do for them. Word of mouth has built our reputation. We also provide you your own adviser if you decide to become a re seller. Our main objective as a company is to promote you as an artist socially at the lowest price possible.

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